Our Warranties

Warranty on Labour (our installation)

Toiture Audet inc. guarantees its labour (installation) for a period of ten (10) years.

Your Peace of Mind Is Assured with a Warranty from Toiture Audet Inc.

What exactly does our warranty involve?

Many people ask us the following questions: How exactly does the warranty work? What will happen if... xyz? What is guaranteed and what is not? If I have a problem with shingles, who is responsible?

To avoid gray areas, we offer this page with the clauses and full explanation of our warranty on our labour (installation). This is just another one of our commitments: to inform you and treat you the same way we would like to be treated if we were in your place.

Warranty by Toiture Audet Inc.

For ten (10) years:

We will repair all defects in installation or water infiltration caused by the work, at no charge. All roofing materials that need to be replaced to do the repairs (including shingles) will be provided and paid by Toiture Audet Inc.

We will replace any defective new parts installed during roof repairs at no additional cost. (Shingles excluded, as these are covered by the manufacturer's warranty).

Exceptions to the Warranty

Toiture Audet Inc. cannot be responsible for any problems or damages related to or caused by condensation. Although we take all necessary precautions and special care to prevent this problem, too many factors can cause condensation in the attic. For example: an exterior wall that is poorly insulated near the ceiling can promote heat loss and cause condensation. Unfortunately, we cannot check the condition of the insulation in the exterior walls when we are renovating a roof.

Toiture Audet Inc. cannot be responsible for damage to property that may be inside the building: the walls, ceilings, floors and general structure, furniture, personal items or any other item being kept by the owner and over which he has power of control or management.

APCHQ Extended Warranty

By doing business with Toiture Audet inc., you are doubly protected! In fact, in the event that Toiture Audet Inc. is no longer in business and ceases operations within the ten (10) year warranty period for labour, the APCHQ will take over and take care of any problem due to an installation defect that is our responsibility. This is another gesture that demonstrates our commitment to provide you respectful service that meets your real needs. Please visit the APCHQ website.

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